Once we’ve completed the book, I’ll manage the publishing.

The self-publishing process can be tricky. Do yourself a favor and let me handle it for you. After all, it’s included in the ghostwriting fee! Here’s what I’ll specifically do:

  • Finalize the book and send it to an independent proofreader
  • Secure the International Standard Book Number (ISBN—necessary for retail selling of the book)
  • Secure your book’s copyright from the U.S. Copyright Office
  • Help you decide on the appropriate retail price of the book
  • Secure the barcode
  • Secure the Library of Congress number
  • Manage the design of the front and back cover (to your satisfaction)
  • Write the front and back cover content
  • Manage the interior design and formatting
  • Manage the production of the ebook version
  • Set you up with your own personal IngramSpark account (IngramSpark is the world’s largest book distribution company)
  • Make sure your book gets listed on Amazon
  • Write the Amazon page content
  • Make sure your book is made available to all the major book resellers
  • Consult with you on how to manage your IngramSpark account so that you can track sales
  • Send you the first 25 copies of your book for free!
  • Write a press release that you can send to media outlets of your choosing
  • Help you with marketing ideas

Are you interested in trying to interest a big publishing house instead of self-publishing? I can help you with that, too, though it should be noted that it’s extraordinarily difficult to get a book published by a mainstream publishing house in today’s literary marketplace. Technology (with the Internet and, especially, Amazon) has been terrific for the consumer; not so much for the producer. Book profits are down and publishers are now very selective about what they accept. But it can be done. New authors get published every day. If you want to try this route, I’m well-versed in the process and I’ll be happy to help all I can.