My Fee/ My Process

Unless you anticipate your book being significantly different from the norm (much longer, for instance, or perhaps requiring lots of research), you can expect a fee of $65,000. Please note that I split this fee evenly over the length of time I anticipate it will take to write the book. Eight months? Eight equal monthly payments.

Here’s how the basic process works:

Once the agreement is signed, we’ll start with me gathering all the information I need to write a very detailed outline. This will become the framework for your book. I recommend we do this in person and I’ll come to where you are at my expense. (Please don’t hire a ghostwriter who’s unwilling to do this for you!) Would you rather come to me? A lot of people find St. Petersburg, Florida a pretty nice place to visit. If you’d prefer to come here, I’ll put you up for two nights (my treat) at either the Vinoy in the heart of trendy downtown or the Don Cesar right on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Both are close to my office.

Once the outline is completed, we’ll conference regularly by phone and communicate by email as I compose the book step by step, chapter by chapter. I won’t move on to the next chapter until you’re satisfied with the previous one. We’ll stick to a schedule and have your book completed in a reasonable time frame, typically within six to eight months.

When we’re done, I’ll even self-publish the book for you. I’ll take you all the way through the publishing process and even throw in the first 25 copies of the finished book!

Find out what’s included in the publishing process.

Further questions? Please check out my FAQ page for more information.

“I wanted to write my memoirs but had no idea where to start. I had forty-year-old notes and pages and reminders all over the place. After speaking with Jerry, I felt relieved. He said, ‘This is what I do. I’ll help you organize and write your book.’ And he did. He was easy to work with. Never complained about any change I wanted and we were always on schedule. Today we have a remarkably well written book ready to publish.”
—Marcelle Guy, Ellevie


“Choosing Jerry was the best decision I could have made. Jerry was easy to talk to and able to write in such a way that it sounded exactly like me. He understood what I wanted to get across. He just ‘got it.’ I can’t praise Jerry enough for his willingness to work at my pace and on my schedule so that the process moved smoothly for me. He made it seem effortless.”
—Warren Kinzer, One Man’s Struggle with Obesity and the Surgery that Saved his Life

“Jerry’s engaging and easygoing manner made it easy to establish a genuine sense of trust with him. His professionalism kept the project moving along and was not only helpful but very encouraging. Jerry possesses a keen sense of timing, along with sensitivity to the subject matter that made the task both meaningful and enjoyable.”
—Volina Cross, Getting Honest


“Each time someone dies, a library burns.” —Jandy Nelson