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by Jerry Payne

September 9, 2016


Lately, a lot of you have been asking me, “Hey, Payne! When are we going to see this book on memoir writing you’ve been talking about?” Well, I’m happy to report that it’s not only finished, but now available for sale on Amazon and wherever books are sold. Check it out.

The book is the culmination of my experience in having written two-dozen memoirs for clients. I like to think I learned a thing or two in the process and it eventually occurred to me that I had some knowledge I could share. Hey, not everybody can afford a ghostwriter. And some people are skilled enough in wordsmithing that they may not even need one (although I would still advise at least having one’s book edited). And so, I figured maybe I could help out some people who are sincerely interested in writing about their lives. Hence, “Writing Memoir: The Practical Guide to Writing and Publishing the Story of Your Life.”

Here’s a decent summation of the book from the back cover:

Done properly, memoir is more than just a recitation of facts about a person’s life. It’s a journey, connecting writer and reader in that shared space where we all experience what it means to be human. In Writing Memoir, Jerry Payne details, in a practical, fun way, how you can take the particulars of your life and weave them into a moving, compelling, page-turning story. Using examples from his own works as well as other works from the masters of the genre, Payne lays out everything you need to know about narrative arc, theme, character development, description, dialogue, flow, and voice.

Concise, yet comprehensive, Writing Memoir also covers essential concerns like how to construct an effective outline, how to avoid common errors of grammar and punctuation, how to go about editing and rewriting, how to view your book critically and objectively, and the ins and outs of both traditional publishing and self-publishing—everything you need to know to write and publish the “story of your life.”

Happy reading!

And, hey, if you read my book, do me a favor and drop me a line letting me know what you think of it. I’d appreciate your thoughts.


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