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A polished, professionally written legacy to be proud of…

Hi, I’m Jerry Payne – professional memoir writer and confidential ghostwriter. And I’m able to provide the expertise necessary to take your idea for a book all the way from a concept to a published work available to the world on Amazon and elsewhere.

Imagine what it would be like to…

Now IMAGINE what it would be like to have all of these things accomplished simply and easily.

You CAN with a professional, trusted, experienced, award-winning memoir ghostwriter.

I’ll do all the hard work. I’ve ghostwritten over forty memoirs and I’m sure I can help you achieve your book dreams, too. Your book will be a legacy of your life story, a way to tell the world who you are. You’ll be able to share your message, to reach out and touch people with your experiences, life lessons, thoughts, and hopes. And I know we’ll enjoy working together as we take your distinct vision and create a literary work that resonates.

A polished, professionally written legacy to be proud of

Through a comprehensive interviewing process, starting with a personal visit I will make to you at my expense, we’ll be certain not to leave anything important out of your story while making sure it’s all told in your own unique voice.

Want to make sure your book will be true to your vision?

You’ll be involved every step of the way as we’ll be working closely together, and I’ll keep working on your memoir until you tell me that it’s finished. There is no limit on the amount of revisions. This is YOUR book and it needs to be the book you want it to be. I’ll make it so. It’s what I do.

Want to know that your finished book will be the best it can be?

When we’re finished, we’ll have the book proofed by an independent proofreading service at no extra cost to you, just to make sure it’s in perfect form.

The entire process is easy, yet thorough, ensuring your story gets told according to your vision and in your voice.

The work is done at a fair and flat fee. There are no surprises.

My standard rate includes everything you need for a polished manuscript. Payments are made in monthly installments based on the length of time I think it’s going to take to write your book. Seven months? Seven equal monthly payments. No fifty-percent deposit! And when we’re done, you’ll have the option of hiring me to quarterback the publishing process for a very affordable fee.

If You Can Talk You Can Tell Me Your Story And I’ll Do The Writing.

As your memoir writer, I’ll make it my business to see that you find the process to be easy and effective, even if you don’t have all of your thoughts in order. I’ll do the organizing and provide the structure for a strong, compelling story. And you’ll be working just with me. I never delegate the writing to some “staff” writer. When you hire Jerry Payne, Your Confidential Ghostwriter, you get Jerry Payne.

WITH me, Jerry Payne – Your Confidential Memoir Writer, YOU’LL GET:

Need to know more About Me?

Check out my award-winning book Writing Memoir: The Practical Guide to Writing and Publishing the Story of Your Life. Only $14.95 paperback, $9.99 Kindle. Learn about my methodology and writing philosophy.

Jerry Payne – Your Confidential Memoir Writer
Is ready to work with you

Putting together something as important as your memoir requires a professional who knows how to listen to you to get what’s needed to skillfully write a page-turning book that others will want to read.

Jerry Payne – Your Confidential Memoir Writer:

My standard fee for most books is $55,000.

Call me and let’s discuss your idea for a book. I don’t take on every project that’s presented to me, but I’d be happy to chat with you about your potential book and how I might be able to help. Or feel free to email me with your idea. I specialize in memoir, but I’ll take on most any nonfiction project. Neither one of us has anything to lose by at least getting better acquainted, so let’s get the ball rolling.

Jerry Payne – Your Confidential Memoir Ghostwriter

Remember, you’ll pay in installments as the work is being completed, we’ll work closely to make sure I’m getting your story down in a way that’s true to your vision, and we won’t stop until you’re satisfied. After that, I’ll be available to take charge of the publishing process. In no time, your book will be available to the world!