Once I’ve completed my professional ghostwriting services, I’ll even show you how to publish a book.

Publishing: Once we write it, then what?

Once I’ve provided my professional ghostwriting services and have written your book, what comes next? These days there are two major options when it comes to how to publish a book: traditional (or mainstream) publishing and self-publishing. I can help with both.

It should be noted that it’s not easy to get a book published by a mainstream publishing house in today’s literary marketplace. Technology (with the Internet and, especially, Amazon) has been terrific for the consumer. Not so much for the producer. Book profits are way down and publishers are now very selective about what they accept. But it can be done. New authors get published every day. If you want to try this route, I’m well-versed in the process and I’ll be happy to help all I can.

The wave of the future might just be self-publishing. You get the book printed yourself and keep all the profits (not to mention control) of your book. Self-publishing is becoming increasingly popular and increasingly easier to do. I can help with this, too. For more information about the opportunities available in the self-publishing world, read my free report, “A Short Guide to Publishing Your Non-Fiction Book.”

Either way, traditional or self-publishing, rest assured I’ll be there to guide you after your book is completed. My work doesn’t just end with the writing. I know that you have great plans for your book, and I’ll stick around to make sure those plans get off to the right start!